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Cheese Consulting for retailers and restaurants by Maître Fromager Max McCalman:

Full Setup During his decades of experience in the food and beverage industry, Max has set up cheese programs for both formal and informal restaurants (such as Picholine and Artisanal Bistro) from training the restaurant's staff, both front and back of the house, to designing the cheese caves and displays. Max knows every detail that makes a restaurant's cheese program successful, including linking the program with the restaurant's wine list and other beverage selections. Writing cheese descriptions, designing pairing menus and advising which beverages complement each cheese; all these details are no-brainers for Max, details that improve a restaurant's overall performance. His thoughtful selection of cheeses employs his knack for recognizing the guest's preferences.
A carefully designed and well maintained cheese program helps the bottom line of any restaurant. Through Max's innovative approach, Picholine was able to increase check averages per person up to 35% – after only six months after the cheese program was implemented! Max sources top-quality cheeses at their peak ripeness and at favorable pricing. A well designed cheese cave reduces waste dramatically while promoting sustainable business practices. Every restaurant is different and Max can set up a customized cheese program which will improve your restaurant's bottom line.

Business Plan Development Considering opening a retail cheese shop, cheese and wine bar, or a restaurant that will offer cheese? Match your ambitions and goals with a well-planned, well-developed, and perfectly designed plan.
Max and his staff will write a business plan which guarantees a rapid ROI, one that will attract the right investors to get your business up and running.
You will want your business to be welcoming, comfortable and attractive to your valuable customers. After all, looks count! Creative talent and design expertise elevates an enterprise with a focus on cheese. Similar to the challenge of crafting an award-winning blue cheese, with its tremendous complexity and challenging production, the devil is in the details. When you 'nail it' you have a product that will be the talk of the town.

Storage Systems Max has designed and maintained cheese caves which ensure the ideal temperatures, humidity, air circulation, micro flora and light exposure. This focus and attention to the minute details elevate your cheeses to their optimal levels and help maintain their peak ripeness, extending their shelf lives and helping eliminate waste.
From the creamery to the end-consumer (retailers, restaurants, catering operations), focus on every link's unique demands builds the foundation for success. A storage system for cheese can be compared to a maternity ward. Cheese is a living food requiring attention, care and love. The transport and storage systems become the make or break parts of the operation and are arguably even more important than the staff that handles the product.
Along with providing a delectable cheese and reducing waste to a bare minimum, properly designed storage systems will comply with all municipal, state and federal food safety requirements. This increases your enterprise's legitimacy, professionalism, credibility and overall success in the industry. MAXVOL can adapt to every unique situation and will design every storage system accordingly.
MAXVOL works with experts from many backgrounds of the cheese industry. This brings decades of combined experience to projects that is able to find innovative solutions for the most complicated scenarios, always working with top-line modern producers and advisors to expedite set up and maintenance of systems.
The Spanish use the word elevar to describe the effect that the right storage can have on cheeses. MAXVOL is committed to that: 'elevate' your cheese, bring it to an optimal level.

Display and Menu Design Everyone is familiar with the commonly used marketing and advertising expression 'sex sells'. The same is true for the design your menus and food displays – the better it looks the more compelled your customers will be to give your product a try. MAXVOL will make sure that your cheeses catch the customers eye on the menu and pique their interest at first sight.
If you have a cheese display, MAXVOL will ensure that the cheese presentation is appetizing, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Equipment Sourcing Be it cheese making equipment, supplies for the artisan cheese maker or the home cheese maker, MAXVOL knows what to recommend, what will work best to implement your vision and benefit your operation.

Regulatory Compliance The challenge that cheese faces with continuous updates to rules and regulations keeps the cheese industry on its toes. MAXVOL remains abreast with everything that the FDA and other regulatory institutions come up with so that you are not caught off guard. Being in compliance with regulations is a serious matter and can become a huge liability if not addressed at the right time. MAXVOL helps with proper planning, acquiring the right permits and licenses and guarantees that your establishment is fully compliant with all regulations.

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