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Cheese Events with Maître Fromager Max McCalman:

Tastings and Cheese-themed Parties Max has been hosting 'infotainment' cheese tastings and parties for over two decades. These events can be themed around regions or as comparisons between the many styles of cheeses. The interactive component makes these events engaging and enjoyable.
Printed collateral provides descriptions of the cheeses, and if wines, beers or other beverages are included, a 'score-sheet' to employ Max's famous '+2' rating system of each of the pairings.

Corporate Gifting Autographed copies of Max's books accompanied by a selection of some of the world's greatest cheeses make memorable and tasty gifts.

Client Appreciation A great way to show appreciation to your major clients is to have Max and his team host a cheese and wine event. Choose the date, the number of people attending, and we will set it all up for you.
Autographed copies of his books make a perfect take-home gift.

Team-building Events Cheese is the most communal food in the world. Get your office motivated and on the same page with a professional tasting led by Max.

Private Seminars Max is in his element speaking or writing about cheese. Seminars covering the many facets of this magnificent but highly misunderstood food can be offered in your home, office or other venue, preferably with accompanying cheese.
Seminars can also be arranged to visit New York City's major cheese destinations, or to the dairy farms themselves. The seminars can include printed collateral and slide presentations.

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