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Cheese Training with Maître Fromager Max McCalman:

Training Food service is of the utmost importance when it comes to cheese. Depending on the environment you are in, there is a different way to present and sell the complex product that cheese is to your customers. Depending on the dimensions of your establishment, your staff needs to know how to properly arrange and update your cheese display in order to get the most out of the product and keep your audience visually interested over extended periods of time. Your sales staff has to be able to prepare cheeses on the spot, with state of the art cutting and presentation techniques, to show your customers what cheese is all about and do this in a way that captures their attention and leaves them with a memorable and exciting experience, which all their friends will hear about. Max will also educate your staff about which beverages go well with which cheese, so that your costumers will know exactly how to impress their guests at their next wine and cheese party – all thanks to your staff!
Max will be able to customize his training to each individual case, enabling your crew to maintain your cheese program and ensuring long term profitability while securing revenue streams. One in-depth visit to your site will suffice for Max to advise your sales staff on all matters cheese, giving them the tools, knowledge and skills that will enhance the guest experience, increase your check averages, and improve your bottom line.
Max can help you attract top line customers through the art of cheese.

Retailers – Gourmet and Supermarket The fastest growing segment in gourmet business for many years has been cheese. This enormous growth brings along a lot of change, which causes cheese to seemingly still overwhelm the average customer when he or she walks into the cheese store and faces a mysterious wall of cheese – not knowing what to do, which cheese to pick, how to jump aboard the adventurous ride that is cheese.
The right display complemented with the right training will not only help you increase the bottom line but also help your customer experience cheese and make them want to come back and continue the ride into the world of cheese. Max will help you provide this opportunity to your customers.

Sales teams – Wholesale and Distributors A professional sales team makes all the difference in the world. In order for your sales team to be fully professional and competent they need knowledge. Basic facts about cheese will not suffice to truly make the difference for your customers. Your team needs to know which cheese complements which food and wine. If your customer asks for a rare cheese your team must be able to recommend alternative cheeses that offer the same quality and experience to the customer. Max will work with your sales team to increase product knowledge, build credibility, and manifest confidence in each of your employees. The sales team needs to become a driving factor in spreading the joy of cheese around the community, country, and even the world.
Max's service to you will include a two day assessment, a full report, and an outline of how we can make your cheese business succeed together.

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